October 19, 2016
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u p d a t e  o n  m i n i s



Houston mini sessions have been sold out. Thank you from my heart to all my unconditional Houstonian clients. I love you!

Colorado minis – still spots available!! I can not wait to make my work known here and to have the chance to meet amazing people! c a n  n o t  w a i t !

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10.10 o c t o b e r 20.16

October 18, 2016
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m o n t h f o u r


I have been so excited to share with this talented group of ladies this photography project that takes place in a monthly basis. On the 10th of every month, we will document our lives with 10 images recently taken. We will link each other’s blogs to share a little bit of our lives with all of you. So after checking my post out, do not forget to go through the round to see the amazing work of my talented friends =)

I always start my posts saying how fast time goes. It does. It is kinda of scary. This month is very special to me: October. Even though in my mind is spring (after so many years it feels still odd that September is not spring and that my birthday now is in winter – January. Funny thing of coming from the south hemisphere), I am beyond happy to be celebrating a real fall after so many years living in Texas. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Texas and it will always be home. But having the four seasons so beautifully defined is something that reminds me of my roots: Argentina. I grew up in Campana where summer is summer. Where spring is full of colors and flowers. Where fall turns everything yellow, orange and red; and where winter is bald and cold.

Love the textures and details that fall have brought to the neighborhood. Love to see my kids playing with the dried leaves. Love seeing them running and jumping outside. Love the constant sun that is always present in Colorado. Yes. It is true! it is pretty much all year long sunny =). Love the energy, the nature, and the love all around.

Sharing some of the images that represent our afternoon enjoying nature and the colors of October.

Please join me to see the amazing work of my photographer friends that are working on their own personal ten. I can not wait to live the stories behind their wonderful work =). Let’s start with Sarah!

l i v e . c a p t u r e . r e m e m b e r







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October 17, 2016
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m i n i  p h o t o s h o o t s

October 29th &30th | Highlands Ranch, Colorado.


So excited!

First time ever working with mini sessions – Special price of $120 – limited spots –  5 edited digital files & 30 minutes shoot.
Please PM if interested! <3

Fall & Halloween | Cris Stephens Photography



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Portraits in B&W

September 10, 2016
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w o r k s h o p

Creating art from the simplest things

with Beyond the Wanderlust


One of the things that I love from this workshop, is the fact that I can share what I do with people that love black and white photography. How from simplest moments we can create a piece of art. How with black and white editing, we can bring details to another level. How to create that three dimensional feeling in your images. I love the thoughts behind the shooting and the thoughts behind the editing process. Thinking of your intentions as an artist. Making your audience’s eyes go where you want them to go. Being able to accentuate what is important and make “invisible” what it is not.

If you are interested to know more about this working, please click on the “workshop” tab and please let me know if you have any questions.

Sharing some love in black and white. XO Cris.


900-918a2260 900-918a2646-2 1400-918a0102 julia-collage-water

p h o t o s b y c r i s s t e p h e n s


1 13639499_10208157821716666_1853372639_o.png

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10.10 s e p t e m b e r 20.16

September 9, 2016
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m o n t h  t h r e e


I have been so excited to share with this talented group of ladies this photography project that takes place in a monthly basis. On the 10th of every month, we will document our lives with 10 images recently taken. We will link each other’s blogs to share a little bit of our lives with all of you. So after checking my post out, do not forget to go through the round to see the amazing work of my talented friends =)

The third month arrived even faster that the second. It scares me how fast time passes. The last weeks were very emotional to me. We found out that my son had a tumor right above one of his knees. We were blessed to know that it was benign so the surgery was done two weeks ago and his recovery has been great.  So great that now I have the stress to calm him down because his bone is so fragile after surgery that can fracture very easily. Six weeks of no physical activity for a nine year old boy sounds almost impossible. But thank God, all is good * huge smile *

During these three chaotic weeks, I realized that my focus was on Lucas and I left my daughter “on the side”. I have always spent a lot of quality time with my children since the moment I left the corporate world. I enjoy every little thing they do and I am those moms that sits and waits for them to finish each of their trainings, their sports, their piano classes, etc. I felt many times the fact of “wanting to be there” and I was not able to while working full time, so I give so much value to the fact that I can do it now. Anyways, I realized I needed to focus more time with Julia and for her I prepare my September’s ten.

We went to the mountains a few days ago to see the sun setting. Just Julia and I. We talked, laughed and enjoyed each others company with tons of “te amo’s” and smiles. We decided to come home pretty quick though because the sun went down and it was getting cold. September in Colorado is definitely different than in Texas and we are loving it very much.  She is growing up very fast. She is not my little girl anymore. She grew into this beautiful young woman. She is getting more independent by the minute. Way too fast I often think. I can see how her wings are getting ready to fly and my heart just dies a little.


Please do not stop here. Go through the round clicking on Sarah’s link. I can not wait to see her fabulous ten!

<j u l i a  c a t e r i n a

>900-lr-83621400-lr-81641400-lr-83001400-lr-8168 1400-lr-82751400-lr-8286 1400-lr-8114900-lr-8148


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the mud shot

August 29, 2016
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memories from childhood

* a late muddy afternoon *


This shot is one of my favorites. Love the drama of the textures of the mud on his skin. The mood of the light and above all, the story behind.

I was inside the house knowing that the kids were playing in the backyard. But suddenly, there was that kind of silence that worries any mom. That kind of silence that makes you wonder “what the heck are they doing now?” So I went outside. The white curtains of the back covered patio where not letting me see what exactly was going on, but I could see their silhouettes playing. Not moving much but enough to let me know that they were having fun. Suddenly I saw a very little pond full of mud right under Julia’s feet. They were playing with the hose and there was so much water in the grass that it was starting to get muddy everywhere. But even more in this tiny space where I could see Julia sitting down while Lucas was standing right in front of her with his arms in the air. Julia was literally painting his body with mud and telling him what to do. He was there doing what his sister was saying. I run inside and grabbed the camera. Got my zoom lens and shot making sure that they did not know that I was there. I wanted to capture the moment right as it was. Raw and pure. I wanted to capture those faces. They clearly where having fun *smile*.

Suddenly I called his name, and when he looked at me, I got this shot.




And once they realized that all was good, that the mess was OK, that this is one of those cases that you have to embrace and lived,  it was an afternoon of laughter and tons of smiles. It became the day of the fun mud builder of unforgettable memories. Another fun day spent in our house in Texas.>

1400lr-2241 mudcollage 1400 lr-2210
1400lr-2145 1400lr-2159 1400lr-22901400 lr-2247

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my photoshop actions

August 28, 2016
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cris stephens B&W tools

2 0 1 6

In my workshops I have shared everything I do when capturing black and whites. All what I consider since the moment the image is captured till the moment I edit in camera raw and photoshop. All the edit secrets and all the editing tools are shared with each participant. And it is the best feeling ever to share with people that really want to know how I do my black and whites. What I consider, what I avoid and what I always keep in mind.

Below I am sharing some SOOC and edited images using my photoshop actions. Love to see the potential on the RAW’s and love to see what can be created in post processing. Try and have fun!

XO, cris.


b&A 1 B&A 2B&A 5 b&A 3

p h o t o s b y c r i s s t e p h e n s

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cris in color

August 27, 2016
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finding myself in color

2 0 1 1   a u g u s t   2 0 1 6


color collage 2


As you all know, I am a B&W artist. B&W has spoken to me since the very first moment. As an spectator I have always felt so curious and fascinated by B&W photography. Loved the feelings it  always provoked to my heart. Loved the intrigue and the drama. Loved the conversion of simple things and moments into pieces of art through the blacks, whites and all the greys in between.

I started my photography journey a little more than five years ago. Despite during all this time I found myself as a B&W artist, I was not able to find myself as a color artist. Which is totally fine with me but at the same time I wanted to be able to express my stories that spoke to my heart in color, in color! The problem I had is that despite I did many color edits, I found myself liking many of them and appreciating the beauty in the bright colors but it was never me! as the artist behind. The worst thing was feeling that I knew exactly the color artist that I wanted to be but I just was not able to materialize it in my post processings. Very frustrating when you know what you want, where you want to be but you just do not have an idea how to arrive there.

I knew I wanted my images in color to be as dramatic as my images in B&W’s. I knew I wanted to be consistent with the feelings that my photographs provoke in my audience. I love the mystery, the drama,  the intensity and even the infinite stories behind that I find in many of my black and whites, but what about my colors? It was not the same feeling that I felt was coming from them. I found myself expressing my soul so deeply in my monochromatics but not as much in my color conversions.

And this is what I did just a few weeks ago:  I went out of my comfort zone and decided to make peace with LR (I have worked only with photoshop for all these years and have been so intimidated by the unknown in new editing software)  and I got presets to make my life easier and play with steps already created by other artists in order not to feel intimidated by a whole new post processing world.  I purchased many of them. I played with many presets. I took my time to see which represented what I wanted to portrait and which did not. I disregarded some, and I embraced some others that were amazing tools to personalize with my work and my editing skills. I used curves in PS and played in LR. Still do not know how to work with it but little by little I will get there. It has been a fun process. It has been like exploring new land and stopping in those places where I felt in peace.

Love the drama in the color as much as I love the drama in B&W’s. Love the roughness of the dimmed colors. Love the mystery on the greys, the matte and the grain. I knew i wanted to relate my color photographs with film looking edits. Rough, artsy, imperfect. I knew I wanted those edits that look as old as the stories behind – even if they just happened. Wanted that unique look where many people would say “why did she do this?” “why did she killed this light?” “why did she preferred this wash out color and not the brightness behind?”… all those whys behind a piece of art is what i find make it even more interesting.

So I am still in the pursue of my soul in color. And I wanted to share this with you because for some reason many people think that I have it all figured out as an artist and after so many years, I am still trying to translate my ideas of my photography in color in my actual work. I am sure I am not close where I want to be yet, but I have loved the idea of finding myself and I know is a great beginning.

I am taking risks to let my heart speak. And it feels sooooo good. Sharing the journey.

XO, cris.


Below are some of my images which were already edited by me in photoshop, and just added some steps in LR using presets purchased in the Blissful Maven site.

It has been fun and I love the artsy dramatic feeling in them. Hope you like them too.

color collage 1




Color Collage 3

 p h o t o s b y c r i s s t e p h e n s

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August 26, 2016
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n o s t a l g y

“a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of

some past period or irrecoverable condition”


t w e n t y  f o u r t e e n


I know I went through a rough couple of weeks.  I know my heart has been squished and squashed. My thoughts have been thrown to the past and to the future many times. I lived the fear of losing what I love the most in this world: my kids. I spent nights not sleeping… just thinking and thinking.  And loved those moments where my thoughts brought my heart to the past. To happy moments.  To when they needed me and I was able to help. I was actually be able to do… To fix.

It is so amazing to be able to see smiles and moments that passed through photographs. To feel your spirit raised in those moments that are tough and the heart is just a big knot of pain. So here I was, enjoying every little moment. Remembering. Feeling peace just flying through time. Seeing happiness. Re living through my images the smiles of my kids while growing up. Regular moments. Simple times. All captured to give us happiness during those days where the clouds could be so dark.

Sharing the goods and the bads. Living life. Having faith. Loving God.


Live. Love. Hug. Always.

1400lr-8730 1400lr-88811400lr-8532 1400lr-8594 1400lr-80761400lr-8598 1400lr-8685 1400lr-8716
1400lr-8473 1400lr-8202 1400lr-8122 1400lr-88251400 lr-8483

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10.10 a u g u s t 20.16

August 9, 2016
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m o n t h  t w o

I have been so excited to share with this talented group of ladies this photography project that takes place in a monthly basis. On the 10th of every month, we will document our lives with 10 images recently taken. We will link each other’s blogs to share a little bit of our lives with all of you *big smile*.


The second month arrived very fast. The summer vacations are passing faster and faster every year… which makes me feel a little sad seeing the time getting older on my own skin and my kids getting closer and closer to fly away. It is very important for me to make sure we are living each day to its fullest and I am so thankful to have the chance to document every little moment.

As many of you know I left my family many years ago. I left my home because I bet on love. Met my husband while working on an assignment and we fell in love in the most beautiful way. It was the most romantic and magical thing but behind the scenes was so hard to make it happen and to be where we are now. There was no other reason than true love to leave my nest which, no matter how imperfect it could be, is the only place that explain who I am from the roots and made me feel so safe. It was very hard leaving the hugs and kisses of my parents. The support of those friends that grew up by my side. The warmth of the homemade food of my grandmother (who never had the chance to meet my kids because she passed when I was pregnant of my first one *sad*) and the unconditional support of the so many cousins, aunts and uncles who I love so much. I missed to see my nephews growing up. I missed to be there when my sister gave birth or my parents got sick. I missed so many birthdays and found myself going back home to bury family that left this world before those pendings hugs were given one more time. But no matter how many times I have cried, how many times I have missed and how many times I felt lost, I would do it all over again.

God makes you stronger and he is always there to make life better. He brought happiness and many blessings. He gave me the most beautiful kids and an amazing husband. And as a plus, he crossed my path with amazing people that became family to me.  Friends that became like sisters filling that emptiness in my heart for not having mine. Friends that became like aunts and uncles to my kids and their kids became those nephews and nieces I left behind. We had the chance to live life as we should live it. With love towards others and unconditional love coming back to us. With love ones close to have the chance to take care of.

Last week we had the blessing to receive this friends-family to our new home in Colorado. They came to spend some time with us. Rainy or sunny we enjoyed every day with tons of love and laughter. With music and dances. Playing games and discovering new places. Driving around. Hugging and kissing showing each other how much we care. And the day came that they left – gosh I hate good byes! sixteen years saying goodbye… it just does not get better. We hugged and made promises…  we cried.  The pain is always awful…

I am so happy to have captured some of the moments spent together. And here are my ten to share with you the love that we feel towards each other. Towards our friends. I am so happy to share that no matter how cloudy and rainy, we had a great day by the mountains enjoying a picnic under the shelter of the rocks.


To my friends:

Thank you for your visit! Thank you for your love. Thank you for making every little second count making them unforgettable. It is always hard seing you go but it is always comforting knowing that you will return. We love you with every little corner of our hearts =)


To all:

Enjoy my ten and after this do not forget to click on Amanda’s link to see her amazing work and have the chance to see the stories being told in her ten.

Thank you for stopping by. Besos, Cris.


1 918A7424 2 Untitled-2 3 918A7688 4 Untitled-1 5 918A766926 Untitled-3fb918A7610









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July 20, 2016
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v e r a n o  2 0 1 6  h o m e


There is nothing that makes me happier than being at home with my family. To see my kids have fun with “nothing”. Being creative with whatever they find in the backyard. In the same way I built all my childhood memories. No electronics, no toys, no things that have it already done for us not letting our hearts being creative. Do not get me wrong. They also watch TV and play with the PS4 or with apps in their iPods. They do. Even if I do not like it I find it important for them to be able to do it all and explore everything this world is offering. But when I see them breathing the fresh air, feeding the rabbits, watering their flowers and swinging for hours in the hammocks under the huge pine trees is when I just sit and smile.

This summer was my fifth anniversary since I stopped working for the corporate world. I still miss so many things about it. Mainly my salary and that feeling of being maturing in my career and “going up the ladder”. I studied many years and worked so many more to be a professional and to be successful. And I was. But arrived the point that working so many hours per day with a husband that traveled ALL the time, became extremely difficult. I did not have time for anything. My daughter had  health issues which did not allow her to sleep through the night till she was seven. I slept four non consecutive hours for so many years. I was so tired but the worse thing is that I was missing it all. My kids in daycares from 8 through 6 since they were two months old. Sometimes I do not remember them being little which makes my heart so sad. But we did as a family what we needed to do and we did it together. When Julia turned 5 is when she started asking me to do more activities. It was literally impossible. The hours were for non working moms and I did not have any help. My husband traveling and my family so far away. Julia also started asking to spend lunch time with me and my heart would break in pieces when at only 5 years old she would tell me (when she saw me tearing up) “it is all right mom. I understand. You need to work. I will wait a little more and in the future you will be able to come to lunch with me” (knot in my throat).

We did as a family what we needed to do to be where we are today: I stopped working full time and starting being with my kids in everything they have done. I am those moms that is involved in the school, in their activities, know their friends, go to the movies, organize picnics and any other activities that allow us to spend time together.  I teach them how to cook, how to set the table, how to have good manners. How to be honest and respectful. I am with them guiding and helping them to stand up when they fall. I am there when they come crying because somebody was mean to them in school. I teach them to be humble when they succeed. I teach them the definition of a hug, of a kiss, of empowering others. I make sure they are growing healthy in their minds and hearts. It is a lot of work, but I can do it now. I can be. They can stay at home when their are sick with mom by their side.  I can be there when they call me from school. I can be there when they have a play.  I sit there when they play piano and applaude them non stop when they are done. They smile at me always. They look at me when they do something new in gymnastics. And I smile back at them. They know I am always there. They are so happy when afterwards they can share with me all their excitement and also, those days where they cry because they feel frustrated. They ask questions about me being little. They love to hear my answers and they love to know how I would act in those situations. They love to hear that I also felt insecure, frustrated and afraid and how I would overcome those feelings. We talk for hours. They listen. I love to see their interest in their eyes. They are learning constantly learning and growing right in front of my eyes.  They feel stronger and more confident with my smiles. They look for my approval. They respect me and care about what I think. They constantly hug me out of the blue and share so many “te amo”s and “I love you”s.  They are kids that care. Good hearts and beautiful souls. And I feel so blessed.   H a p p y .   A l i v e .


a t  h o m e



918A1969 copyjulia trio

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Sunsets | Atardeceres

July 14, 2016
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j u l y  t w e n t y  s i x t e e n

f a m i l i a


When there is a time where we are all together we enjoy every little second of it.  The weather in Colorado is crazy beautiful and the scenery is just breathtaking, so we put comfy clothes on, hats and water, take off the top of the jeep and to the mountains we run  *smile*.

I have always said that the mountains have something special. They feed such a special energy via each breath. I spent a lot of time in the mountains in Argentina. I have the best memories of childhood playing and enjoying the warmth of the sun and the relaxing sounds of the rocky rivers and water falls. I have always loved spending time closer to the sky. There is something in there that I can not put into words. <

I have lived life with ups and downs. I have taken risks. Some worked and some did not. I have missed and cried, and also I have laughed and thank God million times for all the blessings. Life is still makings us doing turns and sometimes detours. But no matter what, there is always good things (even in the bads) to be thankful for. Now, it is time for us to enjoy the view. The mountains. The new friends. The new experiences. It’s time for us to continue growing old together enjoying life.

L o v i n g  L i f e.


d a n i e l ‘ s  p a r k


a4a1 a3a9a6a13





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10.10 j u l y 20.16

July 10, 2016
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m o n t h  o n e

I am so excited to be joining this talented group of ladies in this photography project that takes place in a monthly basis. On the 10th of every month, we will document our lives with 10 images recently taken. We will link each other’s blogs to share a little bit of our lives with all of you *big smile*.   On my first month I will share our days in Mexico. It will be two years since the last time I went to Argentina and I am so lucky to have my family meeting us on a vacation. It was very needed. As a family we went through very difficult things in the last few months so it was amazing to be blessed with a trip together.  Summer is defined by my heart with a few words: sun, water and laughter. And that is what I wanted to portrait in this set of images.  I hope you enjoy them and do not forget to click on Kelley’s link to see her amazing work. Can not wait to see how she will be telling the stories of her sweet life. Thank you for stopping by, Cris.


10-10 underwaterpair


DSCF0808 copy


10-10 flamengo



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Diana & Familia

July 7, 2016
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c l i e n t s 2 0 1 6

One of the fascinating things of capturing moments, is when you feel other’s like your own. Is when you can see souls through the lens feeling like you know people you really don’t. Once of my favorite things of these five years of shooting, is the people I have met and the friendships I made. I will always feel so honored to be chosen to capture moments in a family’s life. I always feel so thankful to have the chance to create what I do and to be able to share with others. The amazing power of photographs. Living, capturing and reliving all over again every time we see each photograph. Thank you!


CSP2016 - Diana - 013ForWebsite9site14site18site20site15


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