10.10 november 20.16

10.10 november 20.16

November 9, 2016
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m o n t h f i v e


I have been so excited to share with this talented group of ladies this photography project that takes place in a monthly basis. On the 10th of every month, we will document our lives with 10 images recently taken. We will link each other’s blogs to share a little bit of our lives with all of you. So after checking my post out, do not forget to go through the round to see the amazing work of my talented friends =)

The older I get the more I appreciate the little moments in life. Just an afternoon enjoying the day. With the feet feeling the texture of the grass and the nice breeze of a wintery afternoon in Colorado. Love to feel the air caressing my hair and the energy that only being outside can bring to our hearts. This was a simple walk with my kids. When the sun was coming down and just moments before we would run to get our jackets. This was a very simple moment with my kids and my fur baby just around the corner. Sharing the love. Cris.


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Let’s go now to check the fabulous ten of my talented friend Bethany. Can not wait to see her beautiful work and to spend through her images a day with her and her family.



  1. Kristi Burton November 9, 2016 21:00

    The textures in these are gorgeous. Beautiful

  2. Sarah Rypma November 10, 2016 14:58

    Beautiful images Chris. Love that you got your fur baby in the pictures and were able to get outside with your kids. Especially love the first image!

  3. min November 10, 2016 16:32

    Just like you, I love little moments in life. Having a quite time before everyday wakes up in the morning plus a warm coffee always make my day a little brighter! Adore all these beautiful photos!!

  4. Emma November 14, 2016 11:31

    Love this evening light – incredibly beautiful!

  5. Bethany November 14, 2016 21:20

    Cris these are beautiful. I love the simplicity of them. Your black and white conversions always get me! I love how dramatic they are!❤️

  6. Charlotte November 15, 2016 04:02

    Hey Cris – glorious month you had! Always enjoy the warmth of your work, tonally and emotionally and these are no exception! Beautiful.

  7. Mary Grier November 15, 2016 12:51

    Ah, that pup is tooo cute! You have such a gorgeous way of capturing your kids <3

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