adding texture to your shots

t e x t u r e

One of the elements that we go through in my four weeks workshop is “texture”. With the years I learnt the elements that can add so much to my photographs. Texture is something that the naked eye might miss but when is captured in a shot, it just brings so much more when the audience scans a photograph. The way texture frames or fill a capture is absolutely exquisite to me.

One way to add in camera texture is to work with elements. In this case I just told my daughter to grab a beanie and a scarf. She only allowed me to shoot 5-10 minutes and I just let her “do her thing” just moving around and me, playing with aperture, with the light, with focus and also playing with in camera cropping.

Here are my favorite six =). What are your favorite elements that bring texture to your shots?

texturas en los grises

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