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I am 42 years old. My middle name is Paula. I bite my nails since I can remember- my hands are ugly but pretty. I have a big Italian nose which I learnt to love- I embrace imperfections and I hope my daughter will too. I love black and white in everything in life. My house could be completely black, gray and white and I would be totally happy =). I drive a jeep wrangler and I have been having the time of my life playing in mud and snow. Love “simple, tough and fun”. I love to laugh. I wear lots of hats and I am crazy about accessories. I am a mom of two kids that bring the best out of me but sometimes I recognize, the worst. I am a mom, the toughest “job” in the world but at the same time the most satisfying. Do you want to know how I looked like as a kid? just look at my daughter =) (but she is prettier ;-)  I have my best friends all around the world with whom I whastapp constantly. I cook italian food but I suck at baking. I play tennis and I am getting addicted to pilates, it brings my body and soul to the right place. I cry when I think of my parents. I do because there is  nobody in this world that worry about me like they do – there is no love like parents love and the fact that they are getting older while I am so far away breaks my heart in million pieces.  I pray for peace and love constantly, my heart is sad and frightened for all the evil in this world. I always drive listening to latin music, I see my kids constantly dancing via the retro mirror. I love that my kids play instruments because I do not play any. I wanted to learn guitar when I was a kid but my dad said no. I love to sing but I suck at it. I believe in angels and I thank God that my grandma came to me dressed as a butterfly to give me closure. I escape from bad energy, in other words, if you are a hater probably you will never be in my life. If you do not have anything positive to say don’t say anything at all: I find people that empower others so attractive. I do not like to drink water but my fridge is not giving me options. I do not drink coffee even though I am Italian. I am trying to thank my health taking care of it. I am the youngest of three. I grew up with my cousins, who are six males and drove my husband crazy when they met him for the first time. I love the sound and “texture” of water – waterfalls, lakes, ocean, fountains – anything that contains water (it might be because I am an aquarius?). The mountains bring me peace. I discover that skiing is very therapeutic. I love my dog Max and my three new baby chickens. My daughter made me fall in love with her garden. She is one of my biggest teachers. I want to be as caring as my son. He has the biggest heart ever.  I am allergic to shell fish. I do not like bacon but I can prepare the best omelets for breakfast. I love sports and I am passionate about the world cup of soccer, but for some reason I find american football too long so my Thanksgivings are all about eating. I love to eat meat and continue tradition of Sunday’s BBQ which became a mix of Argentine and Texan fun. Did I mention I love flowers? I try to always have fresh white tulips at home with some greens that make the house smell so good. There are always candles lit in my house and music playing. I open windows every morning to enjoy the fresh air. Even in summer: the beauty of living in Colorado. I do not watch tv during the day but I love to have it on when I go to bed. I love to buy gossip magazines even knowing it is all BS and all of them have the same crap. Reality can be ugly so I love to watch romantic silly movies where everything is dreamy and fun. I am a helpless romantic but I fell madly in love with someone that is not. I would not change my husband for anybody in this world.  I have been married for 15 years- long time where we lived together the best and worse moments of our lives and we got stronger hand to hand. I believe there is not dream too big. I used to speak Argentine Castilian (Spanish), Italian and English but after 17 years I feel like I can not speak none of the three. Perhaps I will not be there by your side in fun moments, but for sure I will be there by your side in the difficult ones. I am loyal who is loyal to me. My values are strong and I work every day to pass them on.

There is so much I could share with you about me and my crazy beautiful simple life, but I will bore you. I will just end saying that I am a very thankful person, I do keep in my heart all the people that have made a difference in my life and have been there for me when I needed. I am thankful for the people that have been unconditional to me who have made me feel so blessed and never alone. I am also thankful to you for stopping by and for showing interest to know me better. Thank you for being here. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

I decided to show the “raw me” with our iPhone selfies. My kids chose many of them so I decided to post them all =). I find this a little weird because I am NEVER in the frame but at the same time it is fun. This is me in happy little moments of my life. Let’s leave the tough moments in the past ;-) Besos grandes, Cris.

2016 & 2017 images – thank you to my kids for the best memories ever that they captured with their devices <3




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