Differences between my workshops – Check this video out

t w o  w e e k s   o r   f o u r  w e e k s ?


If there is something I love is to share what I do and how I do it. I can not wait to start my 2018 workshops and hopefully the one related to “first steps in editing” (my workshop for beginners) will be ready soon! =)


I have been asked several times what the differences between my two workshops are. What was my intention behind when creating each of them and working on the material and videos that I would use in each of the workshops?. Are the participants receiving the same materials if they enroll in both? Do they required the same time? I am going to do only editing or also talk about shooting process and things to consider since the moment the image is capture? Which of the two should I enroll? Which is a better fit for what I am looking for? and so on.

Here in the website you will be able to see the table of contents of each of the workshops but considering that I think it  does not answer all the questions, I also prepared this video where I am talking about “Bringing life to all the grays in between” and “Creating art from the simplest things”. Here I will talk about things that I was asked before and will try  to be as honest as possible to what I consider you should do – depending on your time available and what you are looking for. Warning!: It is 20 minutes long… (sorry!) I know, a little too long but I guess I am realizing I like to talk more than what I think!

If you still have further questions after watching the video, please do not hesitate to let me know: crisstephensphotography@gmail.com.


note: make sure you click on “HD” to see the video in high resolution. have fun!



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