do i bring my camera to vacation?

b r i n g  i t  o r  n o t ?

Many times I have been asked if I bring the “big camera” to vacation or not (?). It is funny because EVERY time I go on vacation I re evaluate it (there are pros and cons in bringing it and not bringing it… at the end, depends on where I am traveling and with who).

I always want the high quality pictures where I can print them super big and crispy. So I always think that I need to bring the camera (I use canon mark iii). On the other hand I am a huge believer that you don’t need an expensive big camera to be able to create art and do something spectacular. It is all about the story captured, the moments and the feelings translated in the image. Still, there are things that I love from the “big” camera and things that I hate (like having to take care of it so much so it does not get damage or nobody steals it. The size and weight is not practical and many times it bothers me more than how often I have the chance to use it). It is a dilemma that I have every single time that I travel =).

There is one vacation that I always bring it and it is when I meet my family from Argentina. Once a year we try to meet with my parents, my sister and her family in Mexico. We have enjoyed doing this very much. We have loved going there and it became a tradition. We know the place, the people, the hotel, the food, what to bring, what not to bring and what to expect. Anyways, that is a trip that every year we look forward to do and has been always unforgettable. So many beautiful memories.

So here is an example of our last trip to Mexico in 2017. I just selected a few of the hundreds pictures taken. What I try to achieve in this specific situation?I try to capture moments that mean so much to me with the people I love the most and I do not have the chance to see often. I try to do artistic lifestyle and also posed artistic portraits. My goal is to have moments captured but also people. I want to see my nephews growing up through the images taken every year. I love rich tones when I work in my black and whites but also when I work with color.

In this little slide, I chose a variety of images that embrace different types of photography styles that I usually do when bringing my big camera and I have the time to play. In this place and with this people around, there is no way I can get a bad shot ;-). Enjoy!

Sharing the love, Cris.

family vacation

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