Portraits in B&W

Portraits in B&W

September 10, 2016
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Creating art from the simplest things


One of the things that I love from this workshop, is the fact that I can share what I do with people that love black and white photography. How from simplest moments we can create a piece of art. How with black and white editing, we can bring details to another level. How to create that three dimensional feeling in your images. I love the thoughts behind the shooting and the thoughts behind the editing process. Thinking of your intentions as an artist. Making your audience’s eyes go where you want them to go. Being able to accentuate what is important and make “invisible” what it is not.

If you are interested to know more about this working, please click on the “workshop” tab and please let me know if you have any questions.

Sharing some love in black and white. XO Cris.


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p h o t o s b y c r i s s t e p h e n s



  1. Sandra September 10, 2016 21:25

    Excelente!! Me encantaron . Sos una genia😊

  2. Sandra September 10, 2016 21:32

    Hi cris, i want know the cost, thanks

  3. CrisStephens September 11, 2016 18:22

    Hi Sandra! Thank you for your message and your sweet words =). To see more information about my workshops, please click on the “workshops” tab on top right of this site. If you need more info please send me a PM to crisstephensphotography@gmail.com. Thank you for stopping by. Love, Cris.

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