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h a v i n g  f u n  e d i t i n g


Some people see the editing process as “cheating”, some others see it as unnecessary and some people make you feel that you are not good enough if you say you edit in photoshop. It is so funny to me when I see negative reactions about it. Sometimes I literally laugh when I hear some of the comments… I just don’t get it.

To me, editing is a synonym of “set of brushes”, “set of crayons”, “set of beautiful color pencils” and so much more. I see it as a tool to create. I see it as an amazing tool to do amazing things.

In my workshops I always say not to be what I call “a lazy photographer”.  In the beginning I found myself as a “lazy photographer” when I was not caring about exposure because I could adjust it in post processing or I would not care about  aperture because I could create blur very easily later. Or even with grain! Later I understood that it was so easy to create grain in camera increasing the ISO, to create in camera blur going with a wide aperture and getting the right exposure understanding all the secrets of manual shooting. Suddenly I found myself understanding the true definition of editing: Editing, to me,  is not correcting what I did not care while taking the picture, editing is bringing the amazing shot originally taken to another level. Editing to me is enhancing all the amazing things that were captured following what I call in my workshops “intentions”. An intention at the moment of the shooting followed by an intention at the moment of the editing according to what I want the audience to see first, second and third. Editing to me, is a way to enhance light, shadows, texture, blur, etc. Is a way to bring a two dimensional capture to a three dimensional story telling shot.

Love the editing process in photography as much as the moment of the capture. Love the whole journey and I want to share as much as I can with anyone that has the same passion. So here I am, starting 2018 with some editing videos.  Enjoy and have fun!

b e f o r e & a f t e r


Click on link below to see how I edited the image above! Enjoy & leave me some ♥ (make sure you click on HD to be able to watch the video in high definition)

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