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I have been asked about mentoring over the years and after having great experiences with my workshops, here is the info for all photographers who are interested on having my feedback. Through this mentorship I will be providing one-on-one guide on what I see on your black and white photography and suggest what can be tweak to bring it to another level according to my point of view. We will discuss about usage of light, composition, focus, in crop camera, in edit droppings, textures, details, and other elements to be considered when working with black and whites. The goal is to understand what you want to see in your black and whites, where you are, where you want to go and what to do to arrive there.

o n e  h o u r  &  t h i r t y  m i n u t e s   |   $150

Includes the discussion and review of 5-10 images made during a personal or business session. This meeting will be online via video conferencing for one hour and a half (additional time may be purchased by $50 per 30 minutes).


If interested please send me an email to

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