natural light – the sweet colors of sunset –

e m b r a c i n g  n a t u r a l  l i g h t

I am a natural light photographer. I do not use flash unless working on a specific project that requires it. I love the drama driven by the dance of light and shadows. Being a B&W photographer addict, I definitely seek details and texture in almost, every single shot. No matter how dimmed or bright the light is, I just love to see through the camera what it does to the frame. Love the way that light, by itself, tells the stories. It is one (if not “the”) most important element I consider when shooting.

I am a self taught photographer and studied natural light for many years. I can continue studying it in a daily basis and I will never stop learning more about it. Light is fascinating to me and has a major impact in photographs. The more I understand what each light has to offer the more I am able to get from each scenario. I admire many things in life: light, is definitely one of them =)

Participants of my workshops several times asked me what is my favorite type of light. I love the drama of rainy days but I can easily say that my favorite light is that sweet, even and warm light that we could get five to ten minutes before sun sets. It is just absolutely gorgeous not only for color photography but also when I am working on details and the three dimensional feeling of my black and whites. I can set what I call “intentions” very clearly in the moment of the shooting and I am able to enhance in a beautiful natural way in the editing process.

Below is an example of us (my daughter and I) working right before the sun sets. We were at the beach with our feet literally in the water. The sand was still warm and we were enjoying the beautiful breeze caressing one more time our sun burnt skin. My daughter’s dress was perfect to add that texture to the frame that I am always looking for. Her messy hair also added texture and the emotions told the stories in a very special way. You will be able to see how careful I tried to be in post processing to get as much detail as possible to get those B&W to a high level of dimension and crispness =). Love how beautiful the light works at this time of the day when converting the captures to black and white and, as I always say, “all the grays in between”.

What is your favorite type of light? do you shoot only where is in your comfort zone or you stepped out to take some risks? Out of comfort zone for me is full sun when the lights is right above us… not my favorite… yours?

Enjoy the gallery ♥

light of sunset

1-1 918A0236
1-1 editadas por CR-MEXICO 2-918a0262 copy
1-1 918A0246 2
1-1 918A0268
1-1 918A0220

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