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Next Dates: February 5th and February 12th


f o u r  w e e k s   o n e – o n e   o n l i n e  w o r k s h o p

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“Creating Art from the Simplest Things – B&W photography” with Cris Stephens

.Duration: 4 weeks.  Cost: $250             Next Class: Feb. 5th – March 5th.

enrollment is NOW OPEN through PayPal (*)


(to see the high resolution video make sure you click the “wheel” symbol on the bottom right and check the “HR” square)


“When creating art and capturing moments that are important to me, I make sure I pay attention to all the elements that are silent but can speak so loud in photographs. Things that the naked eye can miss but that are so strongly part of the story being told. This workshop is planned to share with you all what I do when working in my black and whites. From the moment of the shoot till the moment of the post processing. Giving you the tools to create strong monochromatic captures. Being able to translate the simplicity into a piece of art. From the simplest things and in the most ordinary places”. Cris Stephens 2017 | Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA.

Walk away from this workshop with information related to how can light speak in the image, how external elements can bring variety and drama in a capture. How to work on your intentions while shooting and while editing. Walk away with photoshop actions to edit strong black and whites, enhance light and shadows, bring dimension and work with detail. Develop skills that can make a big difference when capturing personal images but also when working with clients.


“I have throughly enjoyed this workshop with Cris. I felt I had reached a plateau with my black and white images and ,after this workshop, I have fallen in love with Black and whites all over again. Cris is one of the most enthusiastic teachers I have had the pleasure to study with. She not only holds your hand but she encourages you to embrace your craft. Her commitment to helping you grow is beautiful. I am grateful for all of her hard work during this workshop. Thank you so much” Cindy Cavanagh  2016 of the LongWayHome

Feel welcome  to read more testimonials from past participants and to check the content of this workshop. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know.


(*) if interested to enroll, please send me an email to crisstephensphotography@gmail.com and I will send you the invoice to pay via PayPal. Spots are limited. Thank you!



t w o  w e e k s   o n e – o n e   o n l i n e  w o r k s h o p

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“Bringing life to all the grays in between” with Cris Stephens

.Duration: 2 weeks.  Cost: $130              Next Class: Feb. 12th – Feb. 26th

SOLD OUT as of Feb. 7th – Next Class will be in March.


This B&W editing workshop is put together with the goal to bring through the editing process those “flat” black and white images alive and to be able to  create a three dimensional feeling, where textures and details are protagonists of the stories being told. This is what I call “bringing life to all the grays in between”. I created this “one to one” concept to be just “you and me”. To be able to connect with you and your work during these two weeks. Adjust to your editing needs, and work with your editing strengths and weaknesses.  During these two weeks we will work on how to make light pop and how to work with shadows to make them speak in pictures. We will work on how to enhance light in natural ways in post processing through what I named the “cross” “half moon” and “X” techniques. Working on transitions to make editing adjustment look as natural as possible. We will work on how to bring all the details alive and make our audience see what we want them to see. “Intentions” is the key word for me. I will teach you how to work with intentions in the editing process. It meaning and the power that “intentions” have when it comes to transform your straight out of camera’s. This class is offered for who wants to bring their black and white’s to “the next level” focusing on the editing process.  All my secrets, tools and techniques will be shared here and I can not wait to start!

Feel welcome to check the content of this workshop and to contact me if you have any questions.


“When I saw this workshop being offered I had missed the first run and was excited to put my name down for the second time it was going to be offered. I’m so glad I didn’t think twice before registering. I have always been a color photographer and edited my B&W images without much brush work. Cris has taught me to study the image I have in front of me and create a customized edit according to my intended message. Cris is an fantastic teacher. She explained her process step by step in a very clear way. She went above and beyond editing by going through her thought process as she’s editing every step of the way. The structure of the workshop being one-on-one was so unique that it eliminated all other visual feed which made the interaction more focused and to the point. Her workshop material and content is excellent and very organized and above all this she is the kindest person to be taught by! ” Reem Alshaikh 2017


(*) if interested to enroll, please send me an email to crisstephensphotography@gmail.com and I will send you the invoice to pay via PayPal. Spots are limited.


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