four weeks workshop

f o u r  w e e k s   o n e – o n e   o n l i n e  w o r k s h o p

“Creating Art from the Simplest Things – B&W photography” with Cris Stephens

.Duration: 4 weeks.  Cost: $250


“When creating art and capturing moments that are important to me, I make sure I pay attention to all the elements that are silent but can speak so loud in photographs. Things that the naked eye can miss but that are so strongly part of the story being told. This workshop is planned to share with you all what I do when working in my black and whites. From the moment of the shoot till the moment of the post processing. Giving you the tools to create strong monochromatic captures. Being able to translate the simplicity into a piece of art. From the simplest things and in the most ordinary places”. Cris Stephens 2016 | Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA.

Walk away from this workshop with information related to how can light speak in the image, how external elements can bring variety and drama in a capture. How to work on your intentions while shooting and while editing. Walk away with photoshop actions to edit strong black and whites, enhance light and shadows, bring dimension and work with detail. Develop skills that can make a big difference when capturing personal images but also when working with clients.

Feel welcome to read the testimonials related to this workshop. Thank you for stopping by, Cris.


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“o n e  –  o n e”

What does “one to one” mean?  During this workshop, I would like to have a one to one relationship as teacher – student. The platform to be used will be a Facebook group just for my student and I where we will discuss and talk about his/her images and his/her assignments’ questions and inquiries. There will be a constant communication where I will be able to assist my participants individually.  The student can ask me questions and I will be answering and preparing my CC Videos right away. It will be a black and white workshop but also, each student will receive my direct mentorship related to their own monochromatic work. My goal is for each student to get the most out of these four weeks. From the material, the videos and from me.


c o n t e n t   o f   t h e  c l a s s

w e e k  o n e
Introductory PDF and 5 intro videos.
40 pages PDF material: Close ups, subject-camera connection, “hands that talk”.
8 – Course videos: behind the scenes and editing in black and white videos.
Week 1 assignment with personalized CCVideos.
Week 1 recorded class.
Week 1 Q&A scheduled chat.
w e e k  t w o
30 pages PDF material: How to put together diptychs and triptychs. How to couple images to convey your story
2– Course videos: Editing and putting together a diptych “the pair”.
Week 2 assignment with personalized CCVideos.
Week 2 recorded class.
Week 2 Q&A scheduled chat.
BONUS ASSIGNMENT 1: capturing skies in black and white.
14 pages PDF material: Capturing skies and editing in black and white. Making the ski protagonist of the story. How to shoot and how to post process them.
2– Course videos: Editing skies in black and white. What to consider. What to avoid.
w e e k  t h r e e
50 pages PDF material: external elements that bring so much to black and white images. How to work with: Shadows, Silhouettes, Reflections, Distortions, Textures, Movement and others.
6– Course videos: behind the scenes and editing in black and white.
Week 3 assignment with personalized CCVideos.
Week 3 recorded class.
Week 3 Q&A scheduled chat.
BONUS ASSIGNMENT 2: creating in camera blur. Focusing in shutter speed and having fun.
PDF material: what to consider and examples.
w e e k  f o u r
20 pages PDF material: shooting in one location and creating variety in your final shots. Creating different feelings with he usage of different perspective and angles, different lenses and moving around.
2 Course videos: behind the scenes.
Week 4 assignment with personalized CCVideos.
Week 4 recorded class.
Week 4 Q&A scheduled chat.
M a t e r i al

150 Page PDF Workbook
18 Videos

Personalized CCVideos.
Four recorded classes with Cris.

F r e e b i e s

3 sets of CSP black & white photoshop actions
R e q u i r e m e n t s

Knowledge of shooting manual is a plus but not a must
Cris will edit in Photoshop and ACR. Must own or have this program available to get the most out of the editing tutorials. If you would like to see me editing in ACR and PS but you are interested to do yours in another software, you are also welcome to do so. I will be CCing in your final edited images and working on your SOOC’s.



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T h a n k   y o u


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