Twenty Sixteen is almost over

Twenty Sixteen is almost over

December 31, 2016
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Every year I become very nostalgic when the 31st arrives. I think about all what we lived in that year that is getting to an end. I feel the kids are growing up way too fast and I find ways in my mind to slow down the years that pass like if they were months.

I do thank a lot. I thank a lot to God for all the blessings that always, are so many. Twenty sixteen gave me some of the hardest moments of my life. It was tough but all ended up fine so I just have the bitter taste of the journey when those events happened. I am ready for the year to be over but also, I am ready to thank for all the good things that happened that for any means, they were forgotten and left in the shade due to other stuff.

I will be very brief: Thank you God for our health, for my family safety, for our unconditional friends, for the love we share, for the work that did not abandoned us and for so many other things. Thank you to my photographer friends, participants of my workshops, and for every person that loves what I do and has shown me their support. Even in moments when I feel nobody is on the other side of the screen, there is always love coming back and my heart is so thankful for that.

Big love to all and I wish you a new year full of good things to you and your family. Besos, Cris.


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