t w e n t y  e i g h t e e n


I work in Highlands Ranch Co, Houston Tx and in other places per request (traveling fees may apply).


Since July 2016 I decided to make it super simple. I will be working with an all inclusive flat rate which will include the session plus full resolution custom edited digital files. The clients will not have to worry about choosing images nor sizes of prints. 


s i m p l e & e a s y


Collection “Forty” – $750 

includes the session plus forty final digital files and print release

Collection “Twenty”- $475

includes the session plus twenty final digital files plus print release

Collection “Ten”- $350

includes the session plus ten final digital files plus print release

Mini “Fives”- $200

includes the session plus five final digital files plus print release (*)


m o r e  i n f o


No prints are included in these collections.

Please contact me to receive a detailed info package about the sessions – 

(*) These mini sessions to be held only in Highlands Ranch, Co.


Clients 1

CSP- ElizabethNewbornSession- 2017_05
CSP- ElizabethNewbornSession- 2017_10
CSP- ElizabethNewbornSession- 2017_06
CSP- MiniSession - Nati- 03
CSP- MiniSession - Nati- 02
CSP- MiniSession - Nati- 04
CSP- MiniSession- Caro- 07
CSP - MiniSession - Salem -6 a
CSP- MiniSession- Caro- 02
CSP- MiniSession- Caro- 06
CSP- PhotoShootHouston2016 - Priscila -08
CSP2016 - Diana - 047
Diana Collage
CSP2016 - Diana - 008
CSP2016 - Diana - 035
CSP2016 - Diana - 012
CSP2016 - Diana - 049
CSP2016- Dawn-68
CSP2016- Dawn-53
CSP2016XIME- FOTO #083
CSP- MiniSession- Sairah- 05
CSP- MiniSession- Sairah- 04


t h a n k  y o u  f o r  s t o p p i n g  b y


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